BonsAPPs selects the 11 winner Adopter SMEs to enter the support programme and receive up to € 74,000 in funding

BonsAPPs selects the 11 winner Adopter SMEs to enter the support programme and receive up to € 74,000 in funding

Meet the OC2 winners!

Accelerated by an EU-backed fund aimed to bolster Europe’s Fourth Industrial Revolution competitive advantage, the 11 teams selected from across Europe will seek to deploy new AI-enabled and AI@Edge methodologies

BonsAPPs, a European Union Horizon 2020-funded project that helps low-tech small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accelerate their digitalization transformation efforts at the edge and the deep edge, in collaboration with the Bonseyes Marketplace, a secure and distributed AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) platform that reduces time and cost of AI@Edge development, today announces it has selected 11 beneficiaries from its second Open Call that it will fund and support on their journey to solve the toughest AI challenges for businesses. 


First launched in September 2021, the BonsAPPs Open Call aims to select AI talents (Researchers, PhDs/Postdocs, Engineers/Developers, and Data scientists) that apply the tools and services available on Bonseyes Marketplace to develop novel AI solutions and solve industrial challenges. After receiving 132 applications from 22 countries for this year’s call, BonsAPPs’ external independent evaluators and selection committee picked the top 11 that represent high-potential use cases for the implementation of an AI@Edge solution. 

The finalists

The 11 finalists hail from six European countries, with the highest number coming from Spain, The Netherlands, and Greece, they are:

  1. Whispp submitted a project for a personalized, real-time whisper-to-speech converter that is aimed to help empower the millions of people who suffer from a severe voice disorder or stutter. Their artificial intelligence-based speech technology device converts whispered and vocal cord-impaired speech into a person’s natural voice—acting as a smart speech amplifier.
  2. DriveTrust has created a device called RailEyes, a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant dual dash AI camera that evaluates drivers in real-time, providing visibility for the detection of objects from and within moving vehicles (cars, trucks, and trains). The AI Dual Dash Camera is a modular build optimized for powerful processing capabilities, helping to warn drivers in areas with little or no mobile network coverage.
  3. StreamOwl leverages robotics for the real-time, energy-efficient inspection of buildings. Their custom solution visually inspects infrastructure through autonomous ground and aerial vehicles which help detect anomalies and recognize defects for zero-defect manufacturing. This helps automate inspection processes, such as railway track inspection, powerline inspection, and solar panel inspection, providing for a large range of applications across industries.
  4. Honey-AI, created by Sonicat Systems, combines robotics, image processing, and AI to automate floral source identification through pollen counting and classification. This solution is designed for beekeepers, cooperatives, and packers who want to innovate in a traditional sector. Designing and developing deep tech solutions for the food industry, Sonicat’s two flagship products under development are aimed at better honey processing and honey quality analysis.
  5. Crowd Media  is a company dedicated to creating human-like digital interactions and communication tools. Their Crowd Media Digital Human@Edge Project utilizes the power of conversational AI and visual AI to generate Digital Humans that engage and guide end-users in real time. Their platform delivers the first line of fully conversational digital humans at a low cost with scale.
  6. INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY is a company dedicated to aeronautics and space manufacturing, applying advanced technologies to the development of parts, assemblies, equipment, and ground elements. Their project is focused on the application of computer vision for optimizing the surface quality (CVOSUQ) of tight-tolerance parts, providing solutions in design, safety, and performance.
  7. ROICO Solutions has developed a collaborative robotic platform for construction tasks such as painting, sanding, and plastering to increase productivity, alleviate labour shortages and reduce the physical strain on workers. Through the development of an object detection algorithm, a collaborative painting robot empowers painters in the construction industry with the latest technological tools.
  8. Integrated Systems Design and Development leverages biometric sensors and AI for the innovative diagnosis of cardiovascular and respiratory health. The company is actively working on a wearable device designed to monitor cardiovascular and respiratory health in real time.
  9. Amper S&C IoT is creating large-scale business possibilities in markets such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, energy, logistics, ambient assisted living, and others. Their project is an Energy-AI, Edge AI-based service that monitors electricity consumption and detects anomalies in buildings using smart metering and IoT sensor data.
  10. iKnowHow provides custom-built robotics and automation solutions to industry and software solutions to the public and private sectors. Their project is called Greensprayer, which utilizes explainable edge AI for anomaly detection in the agriculture sector and the scaling of precision agriculture robots.
  11. MotionsCloud helps vehicle and property insurance companies, fleet management companies, and airlines to streamline and automate inspections and claims processes through AI modules. Their Edge AI solution is an automated damage assessment engine that can be used from a smartphone and uses remote cameras to assess vehicle damages, helping inspection teams to be efficient and effective.

In addition to funding, the program will provide teams guidance across seven different milestones over the course of the six-month program. These milestones will focus on providing each project with insight into AI-enabled concepts that will allow them to deploy their projects successfully, solve difficult new problems as they emerge, and fine-tune new concepts for deployment in the future.

“The 11 finalists we’ve chosen to accelerate through the first round of this year’s open call represent entities seeking to solve the biggest challenges facing their industries through AI implementation and novel machine learning processes,” Jesús Tapia, Head of ISDI Accelerator, one of the BonsAPPs partners, said. 


“We are excited to see the solutions proposed by each project integrate into established industry processes to streamline and optimise issues that will benefit consumers, founders, and researchers as the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes flight,” Miguel de Prado, Senior Researcher at BonsAPPs added.


AI Talents that were part of the BonsAPPs project will be deemed ‘certified AI Talent users’ of the Bonseyes Marketplace Platform upon conclusion of the program and will receive business mentoring and access to massive open online courses aimed at helping them develop further AI@Edge Apps for the Bonseyes Marketplace Platform.