BonsAPPs is offering up to 70,000 EUR for AI Talents

BonsAPPs is offering up to 70,000 EUR for AI Talents

BonsAPPs is looking for AI Talents to revolutionize the industry by developing AI solutions and receive up to 70.000 EUR

BonsAPPS is a EU-funded H2020 project that will help SMEs in their digitalization process by allowing them to access and implement Artificial Intelligence in an easy and affordable way through Bonseyes Marketplace a high-quality AI-as-a-Service Platform that reduces time and cost of AI@Edge development, and can be used to develop AI@Edge solutions. Over the duration of the project, BonsAPPs will launch 2 Open Calls (OC) for AI Talents and low-tech SMEs that will lead to the development of 20 Use Cases in total. 

In September 2021, BonsAPPs is launching its first Open Call to select 30 AI Talents (Researchers, PhDs/Post-Docs, Engineers/Developers, Data scientiststhat will apply the tools and services from the AI on demand platform (Bonseyes Marketplace) to solve the Industry Challenge with the developed AI Solutions. 

Who can apply?

Individuals (entrepreneurs or PhD researchers) alone or in teams of up to 5 persons or legal entities: SMEs, MidCaps or Research and Technology Organizations that are registered/have citizenship/ or residence in a Member State of the EU, its Associated Countries, or the United Kingdom of GB and NI

What are the benefits?

  • Receive up to  70,000 EUR for the development of an AI@Edge Solution during a 5 months program. 
  • Become a ‘certified AI Talent user’ of the Bonseyes Marketplace Platform. 
  • Receive access and support to use Bonseyes Marketplace Platform to develop AI@Edge Apps. 
  • Benefit from business mentoring and access to massive open online courses. 

How to apply

BonsAPPs 1st Open Call will accept applications from the 1st of September until the 28th of October 2021 through this online form.