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A GDPR compliant dual AI camera which evaluates drivers in real-time and provides visibility for railway infrastructure, submitted by DriveAI Ltd, works in two verticals; automotive aftermarket and railway infrastructure inspection.

Crowd Media Digital Human@Edge Project

Digital Humans that engage and guide end users in real time, with the power of conversational AI, submitted by CROWD MEDIA B.V., dedicated to create human-like digital interactions and communication tools. Their platform delivers a first line of fully conversational digital humans by integrating conversational and visual AI at low cost with scale.


Explainable edge AI for anomaly detection for scaling up precision agriculture robots, submitted by iKnowHow SA., provides custom-built robotics and automation solutions to the industry and software solutions to the public and private sectors.

AI inspection automation modules

Edge AI damage assessment automation engine on smart phones and remote cameras for vehicle damages, submitted by MotionsCloud GmbH, helps vehicle & property insurance companies, fleet managements companies and airlines to streamline & automate inspections/claims processes.

AI for Cardiorespiratory monitoring

Biometric sensors and artificial intelligence for the innovative diagnosis of cardiovascular and respiratory health, submitted by Integrated Systems Design and Development S.L. is actively working on a new wearable designed to monitor cardiovascular and respiratory health.


Edge AI-based service for electricity consumption anomaly detection in buildings using smart metering and IoT sensor data, submitted by Amper S&C IoT, is creating large-scale business possibilities in markets such as IoT, Industry 4.0, energy, logistics, or Ambient Assisted Living, among others.


Computer Vision application for Optimizing the Surface Quality of tight-tolerance parts, submitted by INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY S.L., dedicates to aeronautics and space manufacturing by applying advanced technologies for the development of parts, assemblies, equipment and ground elements, providing solutions in design, safety and performance.

ROICO - AI at Edge at for Construction Robotics

Development of object detection algorithm to enhance precision of paint distribution on the surface for collaborative painting robot, submitted by ROICO Solutions ApS, develops a collaborative robotic platform for construction tasks, such as painting, sanding and plastering, to increase productivity, alleviate labour shortage and reduce physical strain of workers.


Migration to an embedded component of a pollen detection and classification AI model to a digital microscopy device, submitted by Sonicat Systems SL, designs and develops deep tech solutions for the food industry, with 2 flagship products under development for the honey industry for better honey processing and quality analysis.


On Device Personalized real-time Whisper To Speech conversion, submitted by Whispp D.V, works on the empowerment of millions of people who suffer from a voice disorder or stutter severely, by converting whispered and vocal cord impaired speech into a person’s natural voice.


Real-time AI energy efficiency inspection of buildings with drones, submitted by StreamOwl Private Company, provides custom solutions for visual inspection of infrastructure with autonomous ground and aerial vehicles, anomaly detection and defect recognition for zero defect manufacturing and tasks that require automation of an inspection process.

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