BonsAPPs: The rise of AI-as-a-Service

BonsAPPs: The rise of AI-as-a-Service

In today’s technology driven world, industries and services are being completely transformed by artificial intelligence and digitalization. Unfortunately, Europe is falling behind in the process.  In 2019, the European Commission created the AI-on-demand platform, AI4EU, in an attempt to catch up in the AI race. Embracing artificial intelligence continues to be a challenge for European companies as they lack the developers and tools for proper implementation, and the budget and innovation capabilities for integration. 

Less than fifty percent of European firms have adopted artificial intelligence. And of those that have, a majority of them are still in the pilot stages of implementation. This slow adaptation pushes Europe companies even further behind in becoming players in a competitive market. In order to catch up, European firms must remove their fragmented AI ecosystem and expand with multi-party collaboration platforms.

Why is Europe so far behind?

Artificial intelligence comes at a cost. Solutions that target corporations are customized and expensive, and low-tech SMEs have a broad range of needs that require cheaper options. As SMEs cannot implement these pricey first-stage solutions, Europe is falling even further behind in AI integration. The high cost of development impacts service package prices, and in turn, SMEs are offered fewer products and solutions. 

To fully shift to digitalization and the proper use of AI, Europe requires more developers and integrators with a geographical and sectoral scope. As integrators lack the resources to properly implement solutions, SMEs are turning away from AI solutions because they view them as overwhelming and distracting to their already functioning processes.

The future of AI in Europe

The problems with AI implementation in Europe are clear, but the Bonseyes Project has created a solution. Enter the new European Commission-funded project, BonsAPPs. Supporting AI4EU, BonsAPPs aims to build on the Bonseyes project results in order to put Europe on the map in the future of AI-as-a-Service.

BonsAPPs will deliver ready-to-integrate solutions that work alongside the AI4EU platform. These solutions will increase AI usage by SMEs lacking innovation capabilities internally. Users will be able to engage with data sciences, developers and integrators, creating an open innovation cycle that is easy to use and allows for seamless deployment of AI solutions.

Further pursuing the goal of European-based publicly developed AI solutions, BonsAPPs allows users to develop AI solutions to solve industry challenges. Leveraging on the Bonseyes AI Marketplace to deliver integrable solutions, AI developers and platform providers are accessible within BonsAPPS. This gives SMEs the opportunity to use advanced tools and services based on their personalized needs, reducing costs and challenges in implementation. 

BonsAPPS seeks to increase SMEs’ understanding of artificial intelligence in order to reduce skill gaps at both a managerial and operational level. Offering training and workflows for AI system integrations, BonsAPPs delivers a fully automated AI procurement process. The project provides an AI-as-a-Service Platform for users across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and smart cities. Aiming to help SMEs fully digitalize, BonsAPPs will grant access to AI solutions that are cost-efficient and effective. 

Learn more about BonsAPPS

On June 24, BonsAPPs is inviting representatives from the healthcare, automotive, robotics and manufacturing industries to discuss the AI barriers present in these specific sectors—and define the top 10 challenges they are facing. This will be followed by an open call for tech professionals in August to help find innovative solutions! Contact us at for more information.

Our next post will feature takeaways from BonsAPPs Industry Day, so make sure to keep an eye out. Until then, you can remain up-to-date on the future of AI-as-a-Service in Europe with the Bonseyes project and BonsAPPs.