BonsAPPs extends the deadline of 2nd open call

BonsAPPs extends the deadline of 2nd open call

ANNOUNCEMENT! BonsAPPs extends the deadline to Novemeber 11!

If you are an SME looking to improve your products, services or value chains with Artificial Intelligence, this news is for you: BonsAPPs €74,000 Funding Opportunity extends its deadline until 11 of November 2022, at 17:00 CET

No excuses to not finish your application on time

BonsAPPs aims to select up to 11 small and medium-sized companies with a lack of internal capabilities for the development or scale-up of AI at Edge solutions though with A clear idea of how AI at Edge can be applied in their company. Applicants should have a minimum knowledge on Edge Solution and demonstrate the availability of good-quality (preferably commercial) data in order to be able to reach the expected results within 6 months of the support programme.

Our offer for SMEs

The winners will get a 6 month support from BonsAPPs team (an assigned technical mentor) that will help them to plan the use of Bonseyes Marketplace resources, define technical challenges and match with one of the AI Talent teams (more than 150 experts available!). On top of that, each selected SME will receive:

  • EQUITY-FREE GRANT: of 74k EUR that will be divided in direct grant to cover SMEs costs, voucher for hiring the AI Experts and voucher for using HPC resources.
  • AI MARKETPLACE: access to resources and services available through Bonseyes AI Marketplace
  • BUSINESS SUPPORT: from business mentors to build a business strategy based on the outcomes from the project