BonsAPPs at World Summit AI: Community, Networking and Funding for AI

BonsAPPs at World Summit AI: Community, Networking and Funding for AI

BonsAPPs launches its 3rd open call

Members of the BonsAPPs ecosystem are invited to apply for funding to attend the “BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” community networking event that’s held within the framework of the annual World Summit AI, the largest gathering of AI minds on the planet.

Artificial intelligence researchers, scientists, industry leaders and startup founders will converge on Amsterdam this October for the annual World Summit AI conference to discuss the latest breakthroughs and industry trends in AI. 

BonsAPPs will be there too, hosting its “BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” community networking event within the framework of the Summit! And we’re pleased to extend an invitation to members of the BonsAPPs ecosystem to apply for funding to attend the event as well. 

Let’s look closer at some of the opportunities for AI talent and Adopter SMEs from the BonsAPPs ecosystem attending the event, including hands-on workshops, knowledge sharing and entertainment.

BonsAPPs, helping SMEs and AI talent connect to move industry forward using AI

A consortium of industrial and academic partners funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, BonsAPPs helps SMEs in their digitalization process by allowing them to access, implement and make use of AI in an easy and affordable way through Bonseyes AI Marketplace (BMP). 

They work with early adopter SMEs and AI experts, including researchers and startup founders, to develop reusable AI at Edge solutions developed through customized support programmes and funding that are available on the BMP marketplace. 

Since its inception, BonsAPPs has helped SMEs in industries such as healthcare, automotive, robotics, manufacturing and smart cities to reduce development time for AI solutions by as much as 50%. They’ve also connected innovative AI startups and researchers with SMEs that can use their tools to better position themselves within their markets against more established corporations with deep AI budgets. 

BonsAPPs is extremely thrilled to participate within the framework of World Summit AI, and will provide an opportunity for up to 30 AI Talent and Adopter SME beneficiaries from its ecosystem to attend the Summit and participate in the AI community networking event.

“BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” community networking event

Until 12 July 2023 at 13:00 CEST, BonsAPPs will be taking applications from members of the BonsAPPs ecosystem to join the “BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” community networking event in Amsterdam on 11-12 October 2023 during World Summit AI.

Both AI Talents and Adopter SMEs are welcome to apply, and selected beneficiaries will receive 3.000 EUR funding in a lump sum to cover travel and accommodation costs for at least two team members to attend the event. Funding will be distributed after confirmation of event attendance.

The “BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” will feature exclusive, hands-on workshops, knowledge sharing activities with industry experts and academics, as well as conferences and entertainment. 

Beneficiaries will also have access to World Summit AI, the largest AI summit on the planet that gathers leaders from the AI space, including representatives from the largest technology firms, government agencies, the most innovative startups, leading-edge academics and researchers, as well as investors interested in furthering AI’s future.

World Summit AI 2023: What to expect

Located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, the picturesque, indoor-outdoor Taets Art & Event Park in Amsterdam will be the host location of this year’s World Summit AI.

Nearly 7,000 AI researchers, practitioners and companies will converge on the site for two days of thought-provoking discussion around what is perhaps the most pressing technological issue of our generation: artificial intelligence. 

This year’s experts will be presenting keynotes and hosting workshops on important themes including: 

  • AI at Edge 
  • Generative AI 
  • Responsible AI and Governance 
  • AI Innovation in Enterprise 
  • AI for a Livable Planet 
  • And much more… 

Past speakers at World Summit AI include artificial intelligence leaders at the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Google, as well as researchers from government agencies and universities including NASA, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, King’s College and many more. For BonsAPPs members interested in applying to attend the “BonsAPPs SME & AI Talent” community networking event, please visit: